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I have some code snippet of code I'd like to abstract to a function that only has one small change that needs to be dynamic

if myUser.profile.get_setting_c == True :
# below does not work but you get the idea, how 
if myUser.profile.eval('get_setting_c') == True :
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Is this what you want?

getattr(myUser.profile, 'get_setting_c')

BTW, using eval is considered bad practice in python, see Is Using eval In Python A Bad Practice? .

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Just to complete: assign to a variable like "attr = getattr(myUser.profile, 'get_setting_c'); if attr == True:" –  diofeher Dec 20 '11 at 2:22

Why not

if eval('myUser.profile.get_setting_c') == True:


def fun(setting):
    return eval('myUser.profile.%s' % setting)

if fun('get_setting_c') == True:


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