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I'm trying to have a menu bar (.top-bar) on top slide out when you click an arrow (#hide), so the arrow would also need to slide up. In addition to that, the arrow would need to switch (from up arrow to down arrow). This is what I tried with no luck:

    $(".top-bar").animate({'top': '-=100px'}, 1000);
    $("#hide").animate({'top': '-=100px'}, 1000);
    $(".close").switchClass('close', 'open', [1000]);
    $(".top-bar").animate({'top': '+=100px'}, 1000);
    $("#hide").animate({'top': '+=100px'}, 1000);
    $(".open").switchClass('open', 'close', [1000]);
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Grillz is right. If someone answers your question make sure to accept that answer so that they get credit for helping you. – Matt Moore Dec 20 '11 at 3:03
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I have a JS Fiddle that should help you out. Take a look over it and if you have any questions comment on this post and I'll respond. The first column has no children, so there is no slide. Use columns 2 and 3.

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Sorry I couldn't respond sooner. Thanks for the demo, but I think I found what I was looking for here: I do have a question, though: will .slideToggle not work if the element's position is set to absolute in the css? – Connor Dec 20 '11 at 14:56

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