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I am looking for a solution for my problem. I use NetBeans7 and I am trying use JComboBox with setEditable(true). I need that user enter with one word at a time on the JcomboBox and a SELECT LIKE is executed and returning one List with all results found for the JCombo.

I did see this: Set Size of JComboBox PopupMenu

But I can not implement.

here how to I am trying.

//the model
public class JComboModelFuncoes extends AbstractListModel implements ComboBoxModel{  
    private Object selectedItem;  
    private List<Funcoes> listaFuncoes = null;  

    public JComboModelFuncoes(List<Funcoes> lista){  
        listaFuncoes = new ArrayList<Funcoes>();  

    public int getSize() {          
        return listaFuncoes.size();  

    public Object getElementAt(int index) {  
        return listaFuncoes.get(index);  

    public void setSelectedItem(Object anItem) {  
        selectedItem = anItem;  

    public Object getSelectedItem() {  
        return selectedItem;  


//here JComboBox 
    final JTextField tf;    
    tf = (JTextField)comboPesquisa.getEditor().getEditorComponent();
    tf.setDocument(new LimitaNroCaracteres(50));
    tf.addKeyListener(new KeyAdapter() {
        public void keyReleased(KeyEvent e){ 
            List<Funcoes> lista = new FuncoesDAO().retornaFuncao(tf.getText());    
            for(Funcoes f : lista){

//here my DAO that return all results
public List<Funcoes> retornaFuncao(String funcao){
         List<Funcoes> lista = new ArrayList<Funcoes>();
         PreparedStatement stm = null;
         ResultSet rs = null;
             stm = this.con.prepareStatement("SELECT * FROM funcoes WHERE funcao LIKE ?");
             stm.setString(1, "%" + funcao + "%");
             rs = stm.executeQuery();
                 Funcoes f = new Funcoes();
         }catch (SQLException e){
             JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "Erro tentando consultar função", "Erro", JOptionPane.ERROR_MESSAGE);
            try {
            } catch (SQLException ex) {
                Logger.getLogger(FuncoesDAO.class.getName()).log(Level.SEVERE, null, ex);

         return lista;

How to make this work ?


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What you're looking for is usually called "autocomplete". Here is an implementation of one:

Autocomplete JComboBox

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