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SWIG converts the below unsigned char array ("id") to short[]. On the C side, the id attribute of the sender_id_t_ struct is a pointer to an array that contains alphanumeric data like "TEST123-E". I suppose you could loop over short[] (sender_id_t_.getId()) and cast each element to a char and concatenate to build a Java String. I'm wondering if their is a better and simpler way of handling this situation?

C Header File:

#define SAMPLE_ID_SIZE_V1 32

typedef unsigned char sample_id_v1_t[SAMPLE_ID_SIZE];
typedef sample_id_v1_t sample_id_t;

struct sample_sender_id_t_ {
    sample_id_t           id;
    uint32_t              idx;
typedef struct sample_sender_id_t_ sample_sender_id_t;


%rename (Sample) sender_id_t_;
struct sender_id_t_ {
    unsigned char id_v1_t[32]      id;
    uint32_t   phy_idx;


 [exec] test_wrap.c: In function `TestJNI_Sample_1id_1set':
 [exec] test_wrap.c:826: error: cast specifies array type
 [exec] test_wrap.c:829: error: incompatible types in assignment
 [exec] test_wrap.c:832: error: `jarr2' undeclared (first use in this function)
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It gets treated as an array of short because of the unsigned of the type, which makes the largest value too large to fit in a (signed) byte or char. If you want to force it to be treated a String you can use %apply to use the normal String typemaps, something like:

%module test

%rename (Sample) sender_id_t_;
%apply char * { unsigned char id[32] };

struct sender_id_t_ {
    unsigned char id[32];
    uint32_t   phy_idx;

(I had to fix some syntax in your struct, that was a bit odd).

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The struct is a bit odd to me in the C header file (included that above now). I may not have the correct SWIG.i definition for the sender_id_t_ struct. When I try the %apply char * as you suggested I get a type compatibility error, full stack is above too. Do you know the proper SWIG.i struct based on the C header file I provided? –  c12 Dec 20 '11 at 18:15
@c12 - make the contents of the struct in SWIG interface match the headerfile - that error is because id in SWIG.i is very different to the headerfile I suspect. –  Flexo Dec 20 '11 at 19:45

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