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I want to write events in onclick function of a hyperlink in ColModel of jqgrid. how to call the function in onclick of a hyperlink column in jqgrid

js code is like this

    formatter:'showlink',   //formatoptions:editControlCenterPage(results), formatoptions:onClick=editControlCenterPage(results),
    index:results.controlCenterCode, width:70}

directly calling the function is working, but I want to call the function in onclick of the cell in the particular columnn, how to solve it?

and I tried like this also, to directly include the hyperlink in the column, the also it is not working

{name:'controlCenterCode',index:"<span><a href='#'onclick='editControlCenterPage(results)'>"+results.controlCenterCode+"</a></span>", width:70} 

Please suggest me a solution Thanks

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There is usually a better solution than using an onclick attribute, such as delegating an event to anchor tags within the table that have a particular class. – Kevin B Dec 20 '11 at 6:05

I've never used the showlink formatter, but this should work for you:

Add a live event handler to your links:

$('[aria-describedby="gridId_columnName"] a').live('click', function() { 

The aria-describedby property should be in the format gridId_columnName, where gridId is the id of the element that hosts your grid: $('#gridId').jgGrid() ..., and columnName is the name of the column as defined in colModel, so in your case it would be "controlCenterCode"

The solution that I use is:

  1. Use a custom formatter to render the link.
  2. In my link, I assign a class (the class doesn't have to exist in any stylesheet).
  3. I stuff any data I want to pass into the link as a data attribute. data-id isn't stricty legal in HTML4, but it works in all the modern browsers.
  4. Attach a live event handler to elements with that class.


// custom formatter:
return '<a href="#" class="actionButton" data-id="124">Click Me!</a>';

// attach live event
$('.actionButton').live('click', function() { 
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