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i have this game app a cocos2d which i downloaded it is an open source game...

i am trying to insert an online leaderboard to it using gamecenter. however

the image that i insert seems to be crashing the game.

i have inserted it here:

    MenuItem *button1 = [MenuItemImage itemFromNormalImage:@"playAgainButton.png" selectedImage:@"playAgainButton.png" target:self selector:@selector(button1Callback:)];
    MenuItem *button2 = [MenuItemImage itemFromNormalImage:@"changePlayerButton.png" selectedImage:@"changePlayerButton.png" target:self selector:@selector(button2Callback:)];
    MenuItem *button3 = [MenuItemImage itemFromNormalImage:@"blank1.png" selectedImage:@"blank1.png" target:self selector:@selector(button3Callback:)];

    Menu *menu = [Menu menuWithItems: button1, button2, button3, nil];

    [menu alignItemsVerticallyWithPadding:9];
    menu.position = ccp(160,48);

    [self addChild:menu];

    return self;


MenuItem *button3 = [MenuItemImage itemFromNormalImage:@"blank1.png" selectedImage:@"blank1.png" target:self selector:@selector(button3Callback:)];

thats the one then i edited the button3callback like this :

    GKLeaderboard *leaderboardRequest = [[GKLeaderboard alloc] init];
    if (leaderboardRequest != nil)
        NSLog(@"leaderboardrequest is not equal nil");
        leaderboardRequest.playerScope = GKLeaderboardPlayerScopeGlobal;
        leaderboardRequest.timeScope = GKLeaderboardTimeScopeAllTime;
        leaderboardRequest.range = NSMakeRange(1,10);
        [leaderboardRequest loadScoresWithCompletionHandler: ^(NSArray *scores, NSError *error) {
            if (error != nil)
                // handle the error.
                NSLog(@"ERROR : %@",[error localizedDescription]);
            if (scores != nil)
                // process the score information.

                for (id thisScore in scores) {
                    NSLog(@"Score %@  ", thisScore);
            else {
                NSLog(@"Scores == nil");

now i am having this errors :

2011-12-20 11:29:40.984 tweejump[2936:707] Image is Null
2011-12-20 11:29:40.988 tweejump[2936:707] *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: '-[__NSCFDictionary setObject:forKey:]: attempt to insert nil value (key: blank1.png)'
*** First throw call stack:
(0x31cca8bf 0x31a3a1e5 0x31cca7b9 0x31cca7db 0x31c376bb 0x35dc9 0x2f63f 0x2f5c5 0x25385 0x252f9 0x2522f 0x43cc7 0x429bb 0x4235f 0x2e95f 0x2f515 0xf26f 0x358db61d 0x31c9ea63 0x31c9e6c9 0x31c9d29f 0x31c204dd 0x31c203a5 0x31d2cfed 0x327b0743 0x2873 0x282c)

i make it sure that the image is in its proper place... and i dont know why it is nil?

i have tried on both sim and real device and i have the same errors.

what else should i do ?

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Do you make sure you have no mis-spelling about name of image ? Ex: @"blank1.png" v.s. @"BLANK1.PNG" in filesystem. –  Toro Dec 20 '11 at 3:47
are you keeping playAgainButton & changePlayerButton in a different place than blank1.png? if you create a UIImage with blank1.png (just to see if it creates), is it NULL or is it not null? I.E. let's try to isolate where the problem really is. –  Michael Dautermann Dec 20 '11 at 3:48
@Toro - nope i have both @"blank1.png" Michael Dautermann - it is the same with play again and change player.. what i see about the 3 is that both changeplayer and play again are "Alpha Channel :YES" and blank1 is no –  NoobMe Dec 20 '11 at 3:52
dont you think the alignitemsverticallywithpadding and menu position affects it? –  NoobMe Dec 20 '11 at 3:58

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Found the Answer

i have inserted an image that is not a real png file...

thats why it says that the image is null because it couldn't find a real png file

i have replaced it with a real png image and now it works well ..

thanks to all who replied :)

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