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I have front-end on Symfony2 and top-menu and sidebar-menu on it. How can i do that:

  1. Top-menu is a horizontal collection of links. Each link belongs to one bundle. For example, link "SMS" refer to MySMSBundle, and so on.\
  2. Sidebar-menu is specific by bundle functionality. For example, sidebar-menu from MySMSBundle will looks like "Send SMS, Inbox, Outbox, etc.".

I wanna control both from MySMSBundle and from each other bundle I will to add.

Are you have any idea, or maybe experience with menus organisation in Symfony2? Thanks for answering!

UPD: On itialization each bundle add to top-menu collection it own link (image and other stuff), On loading certain bundle, that bundle must set "active" menu item. Is it right? How can i do this?

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I have the same problem: stackoverflow.com/questions/9316709/… but it seems that no such functionality has been implemented yet. Let me know if you've found anything useful. –  Tony Bogdanov Feb 16 '12 at 18:24

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I found KnpMenu to be very flexible and powerful menu library for PHP. In Symfony it's integrated as KnpMenuBundle.

Your problem is rather specific and you'll probably need to build your own menu builder.

If you want your bundles to register menu items themselves than I guess you could think about using listeners.

You could also provide a menu configuration file in each bundle. Menu builder would than have a list of bundles using menu and look for menu files in them. For found files it would build the menu.

Also, look at how SonataAdminBundle is doing it.

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