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I'm just getting started with Geb, and tried to execute the following Geb script from inside a groovy.console on OSX:


import geb.Browser
import ChromeDriver(), "") { 
    println $("div") 

The following are excerpts of the stacktrace: class configured for KeyManagerFactory:$SunX509 not a KeyManagerFactory
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Failure initializing default SSL context
Caused by: class configured for KeyManagerFactory:$SunX509 not a KeyManagerFactory

Is there an aspect of either the Groovy or Browser object configuration that I'm missing?


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What's the actual stacktrace? By chopping out the rest of it, it's hard to see where in the chain it is failing... – tim_yates Dec 20 '11 at 11:17

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I am pretty new to Geb myself and if memory serves, I had some weird errors trying to use the Chrome driver, so I fell back to the Firefox driver which worked immediately. I'm not saying the ChromeDriver won't work, but try the Firefox one with a very simple script first. That seems more likely to work on your first try.

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