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If I have a function that does something within a click event, is it correct to unbind that function and then rebind?

Currently I have a function that popsup when click a button. It will resize and everything, but it works well within the function. My problem now is, when i .hide() this popup, this function is still active if I try to resize the browser (I did not assign this popup on browser resize). Now am I supposed to just unbind this function when I click it?


My Code

function popup() {

$(window).resize(function () {  
var maskHeight = $(window).height();  
var maskWidth = $(window).width();
var dialogTop =  (maskHeight  - $('#dialog-box').height())/3;  
var dialogLeft = (maskWidth - $('#dialog-box').width())/2; 
$('#dialog-overlay').css({ height:$(document).height(), width:$(document).width() }).show();
$('#dialog-box').css({ top: dialogTop, left: dialogLeft, position:"fixed"}).show();



return false;

Not even sure if this is right to unbind it. But it does not seem to work when I tried it.

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Can you show some code? – Michael Mior Dec 20 '11 at 5:09
@MichaelMior I added my code – hellomello Dec 20 '11 at 5:19

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Yes and no. If you're using $.bind then it's fairly easy to bind and unbind the event as necessary.

If you're using some form of event delegation, it's probably easier to maintain an object that contains state.

state = {
    my_event: false

and then inside the click event:

if (!state.my_event)
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It's probably a good idea to unbind event handlers once they are no longer needed. You may choose to not unbind them if they have no negative effects. However if you feel they slow down the script then unbinding them is a really good idea to boost performance given they aren't needed any more.

Also instead of unbinding, you may check a flag in your event handler before executing any code.

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