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What is the difference when we run hadoop program with Streamer jar and when we run it with program's jar file?

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Usually we have Map/Reduce pair written in java..a map which splits the dataset into independent chunks, and a reduce which combines the results to perform some useful analysis...Hadoop streaming is a utility which allows us to write Map/Reduce applications in any language(like Ruby/Python/Bash etc.) that is capable of working with STDIN(for input) and STDOUT(for output)!

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Yes , i have done it.But my question was what is difference.Like one i have found that with java mapreduce we can use inbuilt map and reduce class but when i did it in php with streamer , i didnt use it. –  CodeBanger Dec 20 '11 at 5:59
Well major benifit is the same as programs need not to know java to use Hadoop as Hadoop streaming is there... –  Abhishek bhutra Dec 20 '11 at 6:26
but i am worried if i will use other language other than java then i wont be able to use core hadoop functions.I looked for php thrift client , but link is dead and just now i found out php takes more time.In java when map starts correspondingly reduce starts , but in php reduce starts when map finishes.If you can provide me php thrift client , it will be helpful. –  CodeBanger Dec 20 '11 at 6:46

You're right to say that if you don't use Java you will not have the core hadoop functions available. THings like ChainMapper and ChainReducer, ChainedJobs and such are not available via streaming. Also, as Hadoop is written in Java, using Java will make it faster.

Also, another thing, theoretically, no reducer starts after the mapper is done. What you might see in the HTML as reducers running at the same time it's input being moved around.

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Thnx again.But looks like now i have to leave this forum , i have got banned..Don't know for what reason.. –  CodeBanger Dec 22 '11 at 17:31

Hadoop Streaming enables us to write map and reduce functions in any programming or scripting language that supports reading data from standard input and writing to standard output. This feature makes Hadoop Streaming very flexible and can be easily used by a large number of users. R, Python, C++ , or pretty much any other language. There are a lot of parameters that can be customized, for example, number of mappers, number of reducers, jvm memory, input format, output format etc. The default input format for hadoop streaming jobs is TextInputFormat, which reads the data one line at a time.

Hadoop API Pretty much binds you to Java, but the configuration and development is more straightforward since everything can be configured from the Java code itself. From my experience Java seems to be slightly faster, but streaming can get pretty close when properly configured and used with the right language.

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