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Need to convert an HTML5 canvas to SVG for editing ? Pointer will be appreciated

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Try canvas2svg.js. [Demo]

I ran into needing this myself and ended up writing a library for this. At the time, the other libraries were a bit sparse, or didn't generate valid SVG.

The basic concept is the same though. You create a mock canvas 2D context and then generate an SVG scene graph as you call canvas drawing commands. Basically you can reuse the same drawing function. Depending on what context you pass to it, you either draw to a standard 2D canvas or generate an SVG document that you can serialize.

You can't actually "transform" a canvas element that's been drawn to, as it's just a bitmap, so keep that in mind. When you export to SVG you're really just calling the same drawing function again using a fake context.

So as a quick example:

//create a canvas2svg mock context
var myMockContext = new C2S(500,500); //pass in your desired SVG document width/height

var draw = function(ctx) {
    //do your normal drawing

myMockContext.getSerializedSvg(); //returns the serialized SVG document
myMockContext.getSvg(); //inline svg
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canvas-svg lets you save 2d http://code.google.com/p/canvas-svg/ you can do the reverse with canvg http://code.google.com/p/canvg/

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See also http://code.google.com/p/html5-canvas-svg/

Fabric.js advertises having a "canvas-to-svg" parser, and it has a demo which apparently converts canvas to SVG. While the other items do work if you use the controls and then "Rasterize canvas to" SVG, it does have an issue converting the default image, so you'd have to check whether this is actually capable of converting raw canvases to SVG or only if creating items through the editor.

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