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I got the following comment to my previous question about RavenDb:

One thing to note, QueryYourWrites doesn't work with Map/Reduce indexes. For these you have to use WaitForNonStaleResults..()

What does it mean? I thought all indexes in RavenDb are Map/Reduce indexes... In which cases does QueryYourWrites option work?

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Sorry, I wrote that comment and I wasn't very clear.

RavenDB indexes always need to have a Map part, but the Reduce is optional. So if you don't specify a Reduce function, it's not a Map/Reduce index, it's just a Map index.

That was the distinction I was trying to make.

Because of the mechanism that QueryYourWrites uses, it doesn't work with Map/Reduce indexes. But it works fine with a Map only index.

I hope this is clearer?

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Yep, now it is clear - thank you –  Idsa Dec 20 '11 at 11:11

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