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I have a script that calls a subscript and attempts to release/disown this script so that Jenkins calling the script can complete successfully. It seems to release the script on the command line, so I can log out or execute other scripts when on the command line (SSH), but Jenkins hangs waiting for the released script to finish. Is there a way around it?



disown -h

echo "Done"
exit 0



while [ false ]; do
  echo "Still Working"
  sleep "5s"

When doing this, Jenkins just hangs endlessly until I kill the subscr execution.

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Try using nohup /home/oracle/example/subscr.sh >temp-log.log & instead of disown -h in super.sh. In your version, stderr from subscr.sh is not redirected, and this may cause your problem.

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Thanks. This seems to be run in a wrapper from Jenkins, so this helped as we actually did this from the calling SSH script and it released. –  Jeff Ancel Dec 20 '11 at 15:33

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