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I'm a beginner when it comes to php/scripting - or "websiting" in general. What I really would like to do, is to fetch a users profile picture and user id, when the person clicks on the "Login with facebook" button. I then want to be able to div this out on my page. Is it a way to do this via mysql? When the person clicks login/allow, their picture and user name will be stored in my database and then displayed? To my understanding, I have to go via the FB.api?

Thank you who answers :).

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  1. Once user authorize your app with basic permissions, you'll get a access token.More about authentication can be found here

  2. Once you get the access token, you need to send a get request to with the access_token you received in step 1

  3. It will contain JSON string that will contain userid and link to profile picture, you can save that to your mysql database

More about graph api can be found here

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