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Is it possible to get the model name from an instance of a spine js model? For example, say I have the following object:

var Client = Spine.Model.sub();
Client.configure('Client', 'id', 'name');

If I pass an instance of the object to a method, is it possible to get the model name?

var client = new Client([id: '0', name: 'Anne']);

Something like:

function derp(c){
  c.class() => 'Client'
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You could try




__proto__ is deprecated and will be removed from javascript going forward, but works in old browsers. Object.getPrototypeOf should work in modern browsers.

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Yes, it's the name property: Client.name

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I was looking to get the class name from an instance of the class. –  rboone Jan 8 '12 at 20:01

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