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Can I connect to SQL Server 2008 using PDO and integrated security using the mssql driver? Currently doing something like this to connect normally:

$db = new PDO("mssql:host=host;dbname=db", "user", "pass"); 

This works fine using SQL Server authentication, but it is a pain having to create SQL server logins for loads of databases, so it would be nice to use integrated security if possible. I am running PHP as CLI on Windows.

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This site helped: SQL Server Driver for PHP: Understanding Windows Authentication

The gist of it that fixed my issue was:

  • Enable Windows Authentication
  • Disable Anonymous Authentication
  • remove the username and password from the PDO connection
$conn = new PDO( "sqlsrv:server=$serverName ; Database=$dbName" );

My testing was with the newest driver released June 2010 (SQL Server Driver for PHP 2.0 CTP2).

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