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can u tell me how can i start sy jboss 5 as window service and then i can start my project directly from browser

i want that it uses my localhost:8080 port

if any link is there \, i am very thankful to u all.

advance thanks to all

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hi, you need to start the server from default folder, i dont remember the location. but search for run.bat file. and just double click it. Hope u have already created all environment variables which ever required – Murtaza Dec 20 '11 at 7:27
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Go to your JBoss directory. And just run "/bin/service.bat install". JBoss will appear in your Windows Services list.

After that you can use both Windows Services applet and service.bat for starting/stoppping your service.

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You can also refer to the following URL:

as documentation for using JBoss as windows service...

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