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Apologies for the confusing question title, but I'm not exactly sure how to describe the issue at hand.

I have two tables in Oracle 9i:



Pricing contains incremental updates to the costs of each particular SKU item, at a specific Unix time. For example, if I have records:

SKU    ApplicableTime    CostPerUnit
12345  1000              1.00
12345  1500              1.50

, then item 12345 is $1.00 per unit for any time between 1000 and 1500, and $1.50 for any time after 1500.

Inventory contains SKU, last updated time, and number of units.

What I'm trying to do is construct a query such that for each row in Inventory, I join the two tables based on SKU, I find the largest value for Pricing.ApplicableTime that is NOT greater than Inventory.LastUpdatedTime, get the CostPerUnit of that particular record from Pricing, and calculate TotalCost = CostPerUnit * NumberOfUnits:

SKU    TotalCost
12345  (CostPerUnit at most recent ApplicableTime <= LastUpdatedTime)*NumberOfUnits
12346  <same>
...    ...

How would I do this?

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  (select  p.SKU,
  p.CostPerUnit*i.NumberOfUnits as cost,
  row_number over (partition by p.SKU order by p.ApplicableTime desc) as rnk
  from Pricing p
  Inventory i on (p.sku = i.sku and i.LastUpdatedTime > p.ApplicableTime)
where rnk=1
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+1, although LastUpdatedTime is on Inventory, not Pricing. –  Mark Bannister Dec 20 '11 at 10:15
thanks, I have updated aliases. –  Florin Ghita Dec 20 '11 at 10:19
select SKU, i1.NumberOfUnits * p1.CostPerUnit as TotalCost
from Inventory i1, 
join (
    select SKU, max(ApplicableTime) as ApplicableTime, max(i.LastUpdatedTime) as LastUpdatedTime
    from Pricing p
    join Inventory i on p.sku = i.sku
    where p.ApplicableTime < i.LastUpdatedTime
    group by SKU
) t  on i1.sku = t.sku and i1.LastUpdatedTime = t.LastUpdatedTime
join Pricing p1 on p1.sku = t.sku and p1.ApplicableTime = t.ApplicableTime
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