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I recently found out about the Paperclip image uploading functionality for Ruby on Rails. I followed a few tutorials on youtube and got the gem to work (I think). All of the attributes for paperclip are working correctly. I added the columns to my "posts" table correctly, added the "multipart" on the form_for, and such but the image I uploaded is not being saved at all.

I did some research and found out that I need something called "ImageMagick" but when I tried to understand how to download it and install it into rails I got really confused. The tutorials I saw on youtube seemed to be beginner level. So, the fact that they didn't mention anything about ImageMagick makes me think that I don't need it to upload files at all.

I guess my question is twofold: 1) do I really need ImageMagick to use paperclip? 2) what else could be causing me a problem where there is no explicit error thrown by Rails ?

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You need ImageMagick if you are uploading pictures. Follow this link to install it on your development machine:

I suppose you are using Rails 3, follow this screencast ( to learn how to use Paperclip to upload multiple images in a model.

If you just want to upload avatar for user, for example, or see more tutorials here:

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ImageMagick must be installed in your system and Paperclip must have access to it. Read requirements section

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 $ brew install imagemagick 

(if you have Homebrew of course)

Here is a screencast, where Imagemagick thing gets explained:

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