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Is there something similar to assignin() to fetch a variable which exists in another workspace and get it to the local workspace, e.g. like accessing a base-workspace variable in a function!?

One example I'm currently trying to achieve is: I have a function bla(x) which takes one parameter. When x isn't being specified, the function should automatically use the x which exists in the base matlab workspace (if there is a x).

Something nice would be

function bla(x)
  if(nargin == 0 && exist('x', 'base', 'var'))
    x = fetchin('base', 'x');

  % ...

I know that fetchin() doesn't exist and that exist() doesn#t take such a second parameter to check in a certain workspace! Thanks a lot in advance!

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The Matlab function evalin can do that:


EDIT: As mentionned by Col Heather, you could use a try / catch statement to handle the errors that could be generated by the function evalin (in your case if the variable does not exist for example) and then check if the variable has the correct type.

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Ahh that's what meant by 'execute expression'. I thought this would be only for calculations, but yes you are right! Calling the expression x just gives the values of x. Thanks. Is the above a good approach to simplify the call of the function for the user but still give him the possibility to pass his own values (just in case he needs to call it from elsewhere)? What happens when there is NO x? How to check this before calling evalin? – tim Dec 20 '11 at 8:17
What if your user's x is not called x? – reve_etrange Dec 20 '11 at 8:25
I make sure for that :-) To get rid of the existence-check I came up with the idea to simply use if(nargin == 0), try, x=evalin('base','x'); catch err, error('Either the workspace var x must exist, or you need to pass x to the function'); end, end – tim Dec 20 '11 at 8:27

Checking for variable existent in caller/base can be done via:

   existStr=sprintf('exist(''%s'', ''var'')==1', varNames{iVar}); % verify variable exists
    isVarExist=evalin(ws, existStr);
    if isVarExist
        valVar=evalin(ws, varNames{iVar});
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