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How can I set bounds for the scroll area on google maps?

Create MapView subclass and override computeScroll()? Or maybe other options?

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I'd set a listener for the moveend event. In that listener, I'd examine the bounds of the map using the getBounds() method, and figure out if the bounds are acceptable, or if not, where the new centre of the map needs to be. Then I'd call the panTo() method to move the map to where the bounds will be acceptable.

This lets scrolling happen, then corrects it. If you want to prevent the scrolling from going too far, then try listening for other move events before moveend.

This is for version 2 of the GMaps API, which is deprecated. Use similar techniques on the version 3 API, especially the Map class.

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the question is about google-maps library for android – ab.helly Jan 31 '12 at 9:51

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