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I'm having a play around with JSON in a simple network environment and trying to work out about using unicast/multicast/broadcast with JSON.

I've already got a TCP server running fine accepting JSON objects and parsing them, however if I start with Multicast/Broadcast then I've got to use datagrams and I'm not sure if I"ll be wasting my time with this, or if there is a better approach to the problem.

Any ideas?

PS I'm using JSON 2.0

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I don't see any reasons not to use JSON with multicasting. You have to remember, though, that when using UDP, datagrams can be delivered in different order, or not delivered at all - so you shouldn't split your JSON objects across several datagrams, and not depend on order / delivery in your client apps.

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cheers for that I'll keep that in mind –  Rafe Dec 22 '11 at 2:13

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