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I am trying to write an app which involves picking a picture from either camera or library. Once the picture is picked , I want to show the preview of the picture.It happens by default when camera is opted. Once the photo is clicked, it shows the user to choose or retake. But I want the same to be done when the picture is selected from the photo library also. Can this be done??

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Ok thanks for the response. Here is what I did: Subclass UIImagePickerController . Upon picking an image, I am pushing another viewcontroller which is similiar to preview screen. This is similiar to facebook app and so I think it will get approved by apple.

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I may be wrong, but I think you need to implement the custom view yourself. You can use the delegate callback method to get the selected image and put it on your custom view along with buttons (choose or retake).

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I like this idea of getting a separate delegate method but I implemented as below. – Nareshkumar Dec 22 '11 at 9:08

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