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I have text input defined to be resizable using CSS, like this:

#text_input { resize:horizontal; }
<input type="text" id="text_input" />

Is it possible to catch Javascript (preferrably in jQuery) event when the user resizes input ? I've tried using standart jQuery .resize() but it doesn't work as I suppose to.

Thanks for any help...

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you can use the mouseup event. as much as i tried it's called after every resize. if you do a check if the current size is different then the last size your code isn't even executed to often.


<textarea name="bla" id="bla"></textarea>

$('#bla').bind('mouseup', function(e){
  if($(e.currentTarget).data('lastWidth') != $(e.currentTarget).width()){
  $(e.currentTarget).data('lastWidth', $(e.currentTarget).width());

might be a problem that width() still returns the old value, at least in chrome

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Have you used element.onresize


or using jQuery


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resize only works for windows or frames – Christian Dec 20 '11 at 11:22

Withou jQuery it will look like this:

<input type="text" id="text_input" onresize="alert('You have changed the size of the window')"/>


And with jQuery, maybe this kind of script will work:

    resize: function() {
       //do something

As I know, the input should be made resizable, before catching the event with jQuery.


And in case you want to do this with JS but not using jQuery, try these (browser support could be different).

var object=document.getElementById("text_input");
object.onresize = handler;  
object.addEventListener ("resize", handler, useCapture);    
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