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Apache URL rewrite logic can be written either in conf or .htaccess file. Which one is more suitable, for which occasion? And let's say I have .htaccess in my web root directory, and I have a conf file defined on Apache/conf directory also, which file will kick in first?

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To address just one part of your question: if you don't need the increased flexibility of a .htaccess file in different directories, don't use them; they slow down processing of requests.

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.htaccess file resides in the root folder, and can easily be copied to another destination together with web the pages. Conf file may not always be accessible in a hosted environment.

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The .conf file mod_rewrite directives will occur first -- before the URL-to-filename translation phase. But for most cases, that difference will be minimal. There are performance considerations, but they only really affect very heavily trafficked sites or underpowered hardware.

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