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I am having a file which has following contents

change sets:
  promotion level: INITIAL
  depends on: 
    My_2.\My_PVOB (Notification@\My_PVOB)
    MyComponents_8_8_2011.6859@\My_PVOB (SQLReporting@\My_PVOB)
    My_2.\My_PVOB (Support@\My_PVOB)

I wanted to read the contents which has pattern @\My_PVOB)

So i write select-string option like this.

Select-string -pattern "@\My_PVOB)" -path "C:\Baselines.txt"

But i am getting following issue

parsing "@\My_PVOB)" - Unrecognized escape sequence \M.

Even if change the pattern as

Select-string -pattern "@\\My_PVOB)" -path "c:\Baselines.txt"

I am getting following error

 "@\\My_PVOB)" - Too many )'s.

Any idea how to solve it?

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The round bracket is a special character, so you should escape it:

Select-string -pattern "@\\My_PVOB\)" -path "c:\Baselines.txt"
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You can use the Escape method to replace metacharacters with their escape codes:

PS> $pattern = [regex]::Escape('@\My_PVOB)')
PS> $pattern

PS> Select-String -Path c:\Baselines.txt -Pattern $pattern 
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Or use -SimpleMatch to avoid regex evaluation altogether. – Emperor XLII Dec 20 '11 at 13:59

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