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I have a relative url and an absolute path and i want to resolve it to an absolute path.

Have tried using filename:abspath("test", "/root/"). and it works but not with relative paths like "../" for example filename:abspath("../", "/root/"). gives "/root/../"

Does anyone have a simple solution?

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As the documentation of filename:absname/1 says: "No attempt is made to create the shortest absolute name, because this can give incorrect results on file systems which allow links."

If your example filename:abspath("../", "/root/") would give you "/" (an "optimized" path) instead of "/root/../", it could actually refer to the wrong directory if "/root" is a link to some other directory like "/foo/bar/baz". Are you sure that an optimized path is what you want? The result from abspath/2 is correct, but perhaps not "pretty".

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Try to look at mochiweb sources it could be helpful

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