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We are using sharepoint 2007 We have one requirement in which We have one custom document upload page for document library. While uploading we are taking some other inputs from user. We want to upload file and at that time generate one HTML file dynamically and upload it also to the Document library.

Any help on this please.

Thanks in advance, Rushikesh

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What is your question? Program a custom upload.aspx, put some fields on it and logic to generate HTML upon saving... – Dennis G Dec 20 '11 at 9:49

You could do this with an event receiver on the document library. Perhaps one for ItemAdded and ItemUpdated.

Here is a reference: SPItemEventReceiver.ItemUpdated Method

In the event receivers you could create / modify the HTML file.

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If the OP wants to program a custom upload page ("some other inputs"), all logic could be contained within that page instead of creating an event receiver. – Dennis G Dec 20 '11 at 11:36

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