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I am implementing one web browser for my college mini project. It's showing all content but it does not support Flash. It's not opening flash sites. How can I implement Flash support in JEditorpane of java swing?

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JEditorPane does not support flash. In fact, it has very limited html and css support too, so you can't implement a full blown browser using it.

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Since JEditorPane doesn't support flash, you have to look for some alternatives if flash is a must. I do like to suggest the following project:

The DJ Project

It is a good solution to embed native components (web browser, flash player, etc.,) in to swing applications. See the following links for extra info:

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+1 Wow! Sounds very promising! –  Costis Aivalis Dec 20 '11 at 10:13

JEditorPane is fine for writing restricted browsers to be used for reading controlled HTML pages, like help-pages etc.

Today the most complete, 100% Java browser you can find is probably The Lobo Project. It is open-source and has an API that allows you to embed it in Swing applications well. Lobo does not support Flash, but allows you to use plug-ins, has a good support for CSS and allows you to study the code.

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