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I used to create computer applications in Visual C++. Now I am using Qt Creator. Visual C++ provides a shortcut (if my memory doesn't fail me, it is F4) for finding the errors and warnings step by step in the source code. In Qt Creator, I cannot find a shortcut or something else except "Compile Output" pane. It says where is the problem in the source code but I cannot easly go to the problem location in the document with a mouse click or a shortcut. Is there any method for this?

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Qt Creator displays compiler errors and warnings in a clickable list in the "Build Issues" tab. On my computer, this tab displays automatically if there are any errors or warnings. I wonder why yours doesn't? I have Qt Creator 2.2.1, based on Qt 4.7.3 (32 bit).

The Build Issues shortcut key is Alt-1.

Edite to add: adba's Qt Creator is behavong strangely. So I will describe how mine behaves, and we can compare.

The compiler's error messages are displayed in the Compiler Ouptut pane. Some of them are of the form:

<relative_path\sourcefile>:<line>:<column>: error: <errormessage>

For example:

..\..\MyProj\Sim\Main.cpp:138:1: error: 'xyz' was not declared in this scope

If Qt Creator sees such a line, it displays it in the Build Issues tab, like this:

(!) <errormessage>                                        <sourcefile> <line>

Is all this happening in your Qt Creator? Or is the line number missing? Perhaps there are #line directives in the source?

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My Qt Creator also displays them in "Build Issues" and "Compile Output" but my problem is that I cannot easly go to the erronous line in the source code by using a shortcut or a mouse click. I have to find the line by browsing with the information displayed in "Compile Output" tab. –  adba Dec 20 '11 at 10:15
Double-click on an error message in the Build Issues tab, and it should take you to the source line. –  TonyK Dec 20 '11 at 10:19
I double-click on error messages in the Build Issues tab, it doesn't take me to the source line. It is just expanded a bit and gives some extra information. My operating system is Ubuntu and the version of Qt Creator is 4.7.3 (32 bit). –  adba Dec 20 '11 at 11:14
Try double-clicking on the error icon at the start of the error message. What happens? Also, is the Build Issues pane displaying the correct path and filename? –  TonyK Dec 20 '11 at 11:19
It opens the source code document which has the issue but it doesn't go to the issue line. It locates the cursor in the place where I put it before I closed this file. –  adba Dec 20 '11 at 11:27

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