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i am trying to compile linux on arm to a different physical offset. one of the things i have to changes are 3 defines inside Makefile.boot : zreladdr, param_phys, and initrd_phys.

these values are always at the same offset from another define called PHYS_OFFSET (like PHYS_OFFSET + 0X8000) but their values are hardcoded in the makefile instead of being dependenat on PHYS_OFFSET.

what i want to do is calculate them based on PHYS_OFFSET inside the makefile so i can only change PHYS_OFFSET to relocate the kernel.

i found some tricks for doing this by calling shell commands for string parsing and number calculations but this is all too complex.

does anyone know of a simpler way of adding numbers in Make ? does Make support arithmetich addition of variables?

Many thanks


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Make isn't good at arithmetic, never mind hex arithmetic; it'll have to call shell commands. Do you still want help? – Beta Dec 20 '11 at 20:27
Thanks for the answer. i found a way to do by shell command but its way to messy to keep iniside a makefile that is supposed to be quite trivial. if there is a simple way (1-2 shell calls) i would appreciate if you can elaborate. – Strudle Dec 21 '11 at 7:24

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