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I have an array containing a large number of contents

 Names = ["one", "two", ......."forty"]

Now, I would like to loop through sections of the array. For example, from records 10 to 20, How can I go about this?

I tried this approach -

Names.each_with_index do |val,index| 
   break if index == 10
   puts "#{val}"

In this way, I can print the first ten records. What should I do for getting next set of 10 names?

Any help is appreciated. Cheers!

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You can use each_slice to get successive sections of the array. For example:

require 'enumerator'
Names.each_slice(10) do |slice|
  slice.each do |x|
    puts x

  puts "----"
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Thanks, that was helpful! – verdure Dec 20 '11 at 10:23

You can e.g. use the each_slice method:

Names.each_slice(10) {|part|
    puts part
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