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We've got a project in iOS to which we've added NSLocalizedString() in order to localize it. We also have an an in-house framework that we use which is linked in to the project. We've compiled a Localizable.strings file for both the project and the framework (in a single file) and we've created a localized Spanish version in a folder called es.lproj... However the localized strings are only appearing in the project - code which is running from within our framework are not showing the localized strings - is there something we've missed here?!

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Try using NSLocalizedStringFromTable().

See the following question:

Split localization in many files

Note: that the Localized.strings files are not compiled but added as resources in the application.
The correct string is fetched during runtime.

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Okay, so am I right in saying I'd create a .strings file for the library, and then a separate one for the project, and then that should work out okay? – Javawag Dec 20 '11 at 14:32

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