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I am experiencing weird behaviour. My build system is supposed to store a copy of a file called delivery.xml to a central location. There are multiple repositories in use and tied in with externals.

The build system copies the delivery.xml to a different location with a unique file name. The automated command that is generated dynamically at build time is in this case:

svn copy https://REPO_DOMAIN.com/svn/repos/productive_zzzbuild/branches/Vancouver_delivery/zzzBuild/release-docs/current/Int_AU210_SOP8/delivery.xml https://REPO_DOMAIN/svn/repos/productive_zzzbuild/tags/___delivery_xml/AU210_SOP8_11510P.xml -m "20.12.2011: delivery.xml from ReleaseLabel: 11510P"

Resulting in:

svn: Failure opening '/tags/___delivery_xml/AU210_SOP8_11510P.xml/delivery.xml'

As you can see did the fail safe fail to safe ;)

Instead it attaches /delivery.xml to the destination which makes no sense. I get the same output when I enter the command manually. The externals are OK.

svn list https://REPO_DOMAIN.com/svn/repos/productive_zzzbuild/branches/Vancouver_delivery/zzzBuild/release-docs/current/Int_AU210_SOP8/delivery.xml


svn list https://REPO_DOMAIN/svn/repos/productive_zzzbuild/tags/___delivery_xml/AU210_SOP8_11510P.xml

work fine, so the paths are valid. AU210_SOP8_11510P.xml does actually already exist due to some test runs but it does not explain this behaviour. The command has been working properly for weeks until yesterday.

I am running all kind of scenarios to wreck a build job to make sure that the system is as simple but also as fail resistant as possible.

I ran 2 jobs at the same time so they committed in a displaced timeline to the same source which - of course - at a certain time ended with a failure as the resource went out of sync. Only refetching the externals revisions and applying them to the property svn:externals fixed it. But now is AU210_SOP8_11510P.xml handled as a directory rather than a file.

https://REPO_DOMAIN/svn/repos/productive_zzzbuild/tags/___delivery_xml/AU210_SOP8_11510P.xml is not part of the externals and not mentioned in the property.

svn copy https://REPO_DOMAIN.com/svn/repos/productive_zzzbuild/branches/Vancouver_delivery/zzzBuild/release-docs/current/Int_AU210_SOP8/delivery.xml https://REPO_DOMAIN.com/svn/repos/productive_zzzbuild/tags/___delivery_xml -m "20.12.2011: delivery.xml from ReleaseLabel: 11510P" works as expected.

  • I could as workaround first copy the delivery.xml to the location and rename it afterwards but this creates some work I would like to avoid.
  • I would have to run automated checks that neither the delivery.xml nor the renamed version does exist and if they do to provide some further actions how to handle the situation to avoid a failing job
  • The delivery.xml exists per region and per software bundle so I would have to make the changes for ~ 20 delivery.xml with varying conditions.

Any ideas why this happens?


  • copy and then renaming does not work :( Same error as if I copy it straight with the uniqe name away...
  • deleting the already present files did resolve the issue.
  • the behaviour is reproducible. the command assumes that the provided file name is a directory if a file with the name present. This is afaik not the response to be expected. IMHO should the response be: file existing commit failing. I am wondering how I did wreck that. This has to be fixed as developers could run into issues if they try to add a file that already is present in the repository and mislead them.

Cheers Jan

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Looks like your path is triggering a rewrite rule in web server. Try typing that URL into browser, will it be changed in the browser too? –  hamstergene Dec 20 '11 at 11:43
Sorry for the late reply. Actually I could trace this behaviour back to svn rather than a rewrite rule. If AU210_SOP8_11510P.xml exists in the target folder does svn simply assume that the destination file name is a folder name and appends the source file name later on. Annoying but easy to tackle. I did simply add a routine that verifies if the file already exists or not. –  wakkaluba May 30 '12 at 8:30

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