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I want to add a 'login with facebook' in my site. But I am confused in registering my site in facebook apps. What should I input to App domain when I registering the web site?

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the app domain is your domain name.

Before you enter your domain, first click on Add Platform, select website, enter your site URL and mobile site url. Save the settings.

Thereafter, you can enter the domain name in the App domains field.

See more at my blog: http://www.ogbongeblog.com/2014/03/unable-to-add-app-domains-to-new.html

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To add to the answers above, the App Domain is required for security reasons. For example, your app has been sending the browser to "www.example.com/PAGE_NAME_HERE", but suddenly a third party application (or something else) sends the user to "www.supposedlymaliciouswebsite.com/PAGE_HERE", then a 191 error is thrown saying that this wasn't part of the app domains you listed in your Facebook application settings.

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It's not very clear... –  Revious Jan 10 at 16:20
this doesn't answer the question... –  Kyle Gobel Jan 16 at 1:23
@KyleGobel Well, in the title he ask what "app domain" is, right? –  Alex Aug 22 at 6:58

In this example:


the bold part is the Domainname. 80 is rarely included. I post it since many people may wonder if 3000 or some other port is part of the domain if their not staging their app for production yet. Normally you don't specify it since 80 is the default, but if you just want to specify localhost just do it without the port number, it works just as fine. The adress, though, should be http://localhost:3000 (if you have it on that port).

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it stands for your website where your app is running on. like you have made an app www.xyz.pqr then you will type this www.xyz.pqr in App domain the site where your app is running on should be secure and valid

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I think it's just the domain of your site (e.g. example.com)

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I think it is the domain that you run your app.

For example, your canvas URL is facebook.yourdomain.com, you should give App domain as .yourdomain.com

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my url is ec2-46-51-248-9.ap-northeast-1.compute.amazonaws.com:9090/… you tell me what would i put in app domain –  Invincible Apr 3 '12 at 11:43
You should put the whole thing but not the stuff after .com in the app domain: ec2-46-51-248-9.ap-northeast-1.compute.amazonaws.com –  patriques Jan 15 at 21:23

It's simply the domain that your "facebook" application (wich means application visible on facebook but hosted on the website www.xyz.com) will be hosted. So you can put App Domain = www.xyz.com

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