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I tried this to prevent role doctor, and employee from accessing the page.

@RequiresRoles(value = {"doctor", "employee"})

But now, doctor and employee cannot access the page. However, @RequiresRoles("doctor") works fine. Doctor can only access the page

What went wrong?

I am using tapestry5, tapestry-security(apache shiro).

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I'm not sure I can quite understand what your question is as it is somewhat contradictory. I assume you want users that are either doctors or employees to be able to access the page?

From the documentation of @RequiresRoles:

Requires the currently executing Subject to have all of the specified roles.

(Emphasis mine.) For a user that is either an employee or a doctor to be able to access the page, you can change the annotation as follows:

@RequiresRoles(value = {"doctor", "employee"}, logical = Logical.OR)
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