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Can someone tell me how to trigger a particular View's onTouchEvent code, through Android code (as opposed to actually touching the device) and feed it with custom MotionEvent data?

Actually, all I really want to modify is the results of the MotionEvent's getX() and getY() ints. All the other functions of the MotionEvent I'd like to copy from another MotionEvent.


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Try to use dispatchTouchEvent (MotionEvent ev)

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Working for me, thanks ! –  Tim Autin Apr 19 at 23:08

As I don't know any of the conditions or purposes of your code I can only give you this:


Which makes the view think it was touched with the yourModifiedMotionEvent event.

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Use "performClick()" of that view.

i.e <your view>.performClick();

this will call its onClick defined.

Hope it solves your problem.

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