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I have oracle table contain field like


I want to assign same groupid to all record that are duplicate via poivalue.

I create function for that but i want to know is it possible with sql query ? how ?

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can you post the function? – Florin Ghita Dec 20 '11 at 12:28
How do you know which groupid to use? E.g., if one row with poivalue=1 has groupid=10 and another row also with poivalue=1 but groupid=11 which row should be updated? – John Doyle Dec 20 '11 at 12:39

Assuming I can use the poivalue as the group ID sure.

Update table set GROUPID=PoiValue 
where POIValue in (
  Select POIValue 
  from table 
  group by poivalue 
  having count(poivalue) > 1)
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that should generate the groupid as 1,2,3...

update t
set    groupid = 
 (select groupid 
  from   (select poivalue, ROWNUM groupid
          from   (select distinct poivalue from t order by poivalue) t2) t2
          where  t2.poivalue = t.poivalue)
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