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I have a Map whose key and value and custom classes. The key class is called Position and is instantiated with two int (for example new Position(2, 4).

I got rid of this Position class and converted the map to a SimpleHash in order to use it with Freemarker. I now have a SimpleHash whose key is a String remapping Position values (for example "2 4") and whose value is either null or a Lot (custom) class.

In the template I need to check if the value of a given item in the SimpleMap (passed as map) is either null or a Lot instance.

        <#list mapMinY..mapMaxY as y>
                <#list mapMinX..mapMaxX as x>
                            <!-- Check if map[x + " " + y] is null -->
                            ${x}, ${y}

How to do this?

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since freemarker is kind of odd when it comes to null values have two ways to solve it. 1.Treat it as a missing value :

${map[x + " " + y]!}
   do Stuff
${map[x + " " + y]!}

2.Just convert that check into a true/false check. This could be done by using a utility class whith a isNull(Object obj) function.

utilClass.isNull(map[x + " " + y])==true
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There's no need for custom utilities here. FreeMarker has quite a few dedicated operators for dealing with null/missing values (see my answer below). (The == true check also looks rather strange...) utilClass.isNull couldn't tell a null from a missing key either, as it basically just gets what Map.get returns, which is null in both cases. –  ddekany Dec 21 '11 at 17:41

Use the ?? operator.

<#if map[x + " " + y]??>It's not null<#else>It's null or missing</#if>

See also the related part of the Manual.

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