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Simple question from a simple-minded: What are the differences between the Shadows keyword in VB.NET and the New keyword in C#? (regarding method signatures of course).

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They are identical. Shadows is the VB.NET equivalent for C#'s new keyword. They mean the same thing semantically and they compile down to the same IL.

In some versions of Visual Studio (I'm not sure if this is still the case), using the Shadows keyword in a VB.NET project had the effect of hiding all functions with the same name from Intellisense. But that's not actually a language feature; it's not even clear if it's by design or a bug in the implementation of Intellisense. If you use the same VB.NET library from a C# application, you'll see all of the methods as if they were declared with new.

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Thank you, I Googled and got results saying they are different, without any explanation. Now I can link them this page :-P – M.A. Hanin Dec 20 '11 at 12:52

They are same, its just the language specific keyword to implement the same OOP concept.

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