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since iOS5 there ist the possibility to set an EKEventSource to EKSourceTypeCalDAV. Does anybody know if it is possible to receive events from a webUrl? The webURL (lets take the google calendar as an example) returns the data in an ics file (iCalendar format)

I do not want the iCal-App to read the ics data, but to use the Eventkit framework to receive events within my own app.

Thanks in advance.

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It isn't possible to "set an EKEventSource to EKSourceTypeCalDAV". EKSourceTypeCalDAV just tells you that the particular EKSource is a CalDAV account, as opposed to one of the other types that can be configured in iOS. sourceType is a read-only property.

For clarity, an EKSource object is retrieved from an EKEventStore, which represents the iOS Calendar database. I'm not aware of an "EKEventSource".

EventKit isn't suitable for your purposes, it is for interacting with events contained within the iOS Calendar database (and app). But you can use this project to import external ics file, Ical for Objective-c

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Thanks for your answer, that's what I thought as well! So I'll have to take libical and plug it into my project – Alexander Dec 20 '11 at 14:38

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