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I am using netbeans to work on a project. I am using svn, so that I can commit to newer versions and revert to an older version in case I mess up. Now I want to create a jar file of this project but the build tab in the project properties does not display the packaging option, it only displays one option and that is of 'compile'.

If I create a new project (Java Application) it does show the packaging option and then I can easily create a jar file, but this maven project that I am working on does not work like this.

Please suggest me a way to create jar file out of my maven project.


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  1. Open cmd (if you are on Windows) or any shell (if you are on Linux)
  2. Navigate to your project directory (use cd command)
  3. Run mvn clean package there.

Your jar will be in <project dir>/target.

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Based on @yatskevich answer, you could go to your NetBeans Project Properties > Actions and add package to the Execute Goals of the following Actions:

  • Build project
  • Clean and Build project
  • Build with dependencies
  • Plus any other you feel should also package

I did this on NetBeans 7.2.1

PS: this will create the JAR on every change you make, so choose wisely where to add package. I don't mind it building a JAR for small projects on every build.

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