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I'm building an application for a client, single user single computer only.

If I use a local database, I want to know if a client would need to install SQL 2008 express edition to run the application? Where is the local DB located (for backup purposes) if this was published as a click once application? (OR) Would it be better if I moved the DB over to the SQL Express and wired the application to use the data from the DB on express.

All your help is appreciated in advance.

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Since you will be using one user database locally I would suggest that you consider integrating it in your application and use databases like SQL Server compact or SQLite (it has a .NET library that you can download and use and it's pretty fast and compact).

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SQL lite is a great option, the only problem that I see with it is the ability to restore it in case of a crash. not sure how feasible that would be. What if I had some datafixes to do? I would have to push them from the application right? no way to see the data like we would if we attached a query analyzer to SQL express? –  Kunal Jan 12 '12 at 11:16

there are a number of databases to choose from. for a single user local app I find even the express sql engines are overkill. either SqlCE, Sqlite or a nosql option like a persistent hashtable or ensent would be worth investigating.

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