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Is there any way to ensure geo hash order using mongoid?

Currently I store it this way and do some magic in callback to ensure order:

field :location, type: Hash // { :lng => 33.33, :lat => 45 }

set_callback(:save, :before) do |doc|
  if doc.location_changed?
      doc.location = {lng: doc.location[:lng], lat: doc.location[:lat]}

May be there is some way to declare this Hash as class. I thought about Embeded Document, but it has _id.

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Note that to ensure that the geospatial index always works correctly under all drivers, you should use an array rather than a subdocument ("hash") for the fields containing the latitude and longitude: (see the first note) – dcrosta Dec 20 '11 at 14:05
I know about this. Trying to find more elegant way. – Alexey Zakharov Dec 20 '11 at 17:29

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It is possible to use mongoid custom field serialization for this.

Here is a good example:

Here is my own implementation that stores location in mongodb as array:

class LatLng
  include Mongoid::Fields::Serializable

  attr_reader :lat, :lng

  def serialize(value)
    return if value.nil?

    if value.is_a?(self.class)
    elsif value.is_a?(::Hash)
      hash = value.with_indifferent_access
      [hash['lng'].to_f, hash['lat'].to_f]

  def deserialize(value)
    return if value.nil?

    value.is_a?(self.class) ? value :[1], value[0])

  def initialize(lat, lng)
    @lat, @lng = lat.to_f, lng.to_f

  def [](arg)
    case arg
      when "lat"
      when "lng"

  def to_a
    [lng, lat]

  def ==(other)
    other.is_a?(self.class) && == lat && other.lng == lng
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Use BSON::OrderedHash

BSON::OrderedHash[:lng => 33.33, :lat => 45]
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In ruby 1.9 hashes are ordered already - BSON::OrderedHash is just an alias for Hash – Frederick Cheung Dec 21 '11 at 9:00
Thanks Nat. I found another solution. Hope it could help you too. – Alexey Zakharov Dec 21 '11 at 19:06

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