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I have Directed Graph in networkx. I want to only keep those nodes which have two or more than two outgoing edges or no outgoing edge at all. How do I do this?


How do I removes nodes which have exactly one outgoing edge in a networkx graph.

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If you start with a graph, find the nodes which have one outgoing edge, and then remove those, you can create a new graph which still has a node with one outgoing edge (say it had two before and one of the involved nodes was removed.) What would you like to do in that case? –  DSM Dec 20 '11 at 14:31

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You can find the nodes in graph G with one outgoing edge using the out_degree method:

outdeg = G.out_degree()
to_remove = [n for n in outdeg if outdeg[n] == 1]

Removing is then:


If you prefer to create a new graph instead of modifying the existing graph in place, create a subgraph:

to_keep = [n for n in outdeg if outdeg[n] != 1]
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