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I have been working in android for past few months. The problem for me is now related to Z index value. I am having a layout with a textview,edittext and imageview. Suppose i have a xml file something like this..


So my question is that am reading this xml file by DOM parser and i want to set the z index value for all these by the values defined in the xml. Now is there any function or property that i can use to do it. I have learnt about coding it with xml, but that will make it hardcoded. I want a dynamic display so how do i adjust layout with the zindex values.... HELP PLZ

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there is no Z-index in android layouts. You'll need to use FrameLayout or RelativeLayout if you need to place elements on top of each other in reverse order.

see Placing/Overlapping(z-index) a view above another view in android

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Ok thanks man... I wish android could provide something that can help place z index dynamically... –  AMUL Dec 20 '11 at 16:23

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