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I have the host computer with Ethernet adapter configured by this way: IP address, subnet mask There is also hardware device which works like IP server, configured as:, When I connect this device to the host Ethernet adapter, the following information is added to route print command output (Windows):

Active Routes:
Network Destination        Netmask          Gateway       Interface  Metric       20       20       20

I need some explanation of this output: how these entries are added, how they are used to route network packets 192.170.100.* to this adapter.

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Means that anything on the network will use as it's gateway       20

Means that anything looking for will actually get sent to the loopback (local) address.       20

Is the broadcast address for the network.

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Line 1: Send everything that goes to 192.170.100.* out via your network card at, if no rule exists, that is more special

Line 2: Send packets to yourself NOT via cour network card, but via Loopback

Line 3: Send broadcasts via your network card.

As there is no rule for anything other than 192.170.100.* you will not be able to reach other nets

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