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My idea of android application is :

This application would be activated by a calendar entry, showing that the phone user has an appointment somewhere (i.e. meeting friends in a town 2 hours away).

  • The application would track the phones position and register that the user is on his way to the appointment (by checking if the user is following the route of Google maps to the destination).

  • The phone would keep a status of whether the phone owner will arrive on time or be late

I am quite good at webdesign, but on android platform I am just a rookie any expert good at android please suggest me good place to start with,

my biggest doubt is

Can i use google maps API to compare mock locations i use in simulator to locations and landmarks in google maps from source point to destination point?

I await some thing useful for me to start my work...

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Not an expert there, but why don't you compare current distance from destination point versus previous distance? You wouldn't need to follow the route, just get closer and closer. –  Dominic Goulet Dec 20 '11 at 14:23
So, what is your actual question? Please simplify this so that the actual question (and only the information related to it) is here. Otherwise, it's too hard to sift through and likely won't get as many good answers. –  cdeszaq Dec 20 '11 at 14:24
My point is,google maps has huge collection of places and landmarks across world,so if we are not sure of the path,we can see path also we can make sure that we are following the path so i think better and flexible idea is to use maps for the same! –  Santosh Kumar Dec 20 '11 at 14:32

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Take a look at glympse.com - they do this almost all of this already. It's also against the T&C of google maps to do routing, so I would very carefully read them and determine if your idea defies the T&C.

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