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I currently have a class Room and a class Hostel which holds rooms = new ArrayList < Room >();. I then have a BookRoomGUI class.

When a room is added to the arraylist it uses the following constructor:

public Room(int newRoomNo, boolean newRoomEnSuite)
    roomNo = newRoomNo;
    roomEnSuite = newRoomEnSuite;
    roomBooking = "Free";
    roomNights = 0;
    roomBooker = "No Booker";

In the BookRoomGUI class i have the following JTextFields:


I am trying to make a method within Hostel which will take the values of these text fields and alter the corresponding variables in the original constructor if the room number matches:

public int makeBooking(int number)
  for (Room room : rooms)
     if (number == room.getRoomNo())

My question is what should go in the if statement? currently i use booker = bookerJtextField.getText(); to take the text from the text field in BookRoomGUI and setRoomBooker in Room but this does not work and i am presented with

setRoomBooker() in Room cannot be applied to (java.lang.String)

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It would be better to store the rooms in a number -> Room map instead of list. Make sure you have setRoomBooker(String) method in Room class. –  khachik Dec 20 '11 at 14:30

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Make sure you have the following method in Room:

public void setRoomBooker(String roomBooker) {
    this.roomBooker = roomBooker;

Right now, if you look at the error messege:

setRoomBooker() in Room cannot be applied to (java.lang.String)

You can see that your setRoomBooker() method currently is not defined to take a parameter of type java.lang.String (or any parameter at all).

So, you need to change the definition of that method, for you to be able to do the following:

room.setRoomBooker(bookRoom.booker); //<-- You are passing it an argument of type String
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Would this mean i need to alter the getRoomNumber method also? –  Darren Burgess Dec 20 '11 at 14:38
No. It has nothing do with getRoomNumber method. Are you sure that your Room class has the above method? –  Bhesh Gurung Dec 20 '11 at 14:40
taken a step back and just attempted to modify the arraylist without the GUI to start, your fix worked though, thanks. –  Darren Burgess Dec 20 '11 at 14:59
No problem. YW. –  Bhesh Gurung Dec 20 '11 at 15:06

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