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I am very confused and scratching my head. I am trying to implement a complex page with many partial Views and Nested ViewModels, but somehow i am not able complete because of my limited understanding of technology. Please help me in understanding the below topics from asp.NET MVC 2 by providing good article/tutorials

1. Partial Views 
2. Nested ViewModel 
3. Custom ViewModel Binders.

I would really appreciate your help as right now i am trying to implement them without proper understanding and getting confused Note: I can't buy the book as its not available at my remote place.

Note: Still waiting for the reponse Thanks in advance.

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If you need to get a good understanding of any technology you really should buy a book. A book give you a much better understanding of the technology than reading blog posts. Blog posts tend to highlight a particular feature or problem without giving you the big picture.

However, since you asked for it, if you need authoritive info on MVC read the blogs of the (ex-)Microsoft guys involved in building it, for example :

There's also a bunch of info op on asp.net/mvc.

I personally recommend the following books :

Both books are available as downloads from the publisher at reasonable rates, so you can start reading right away.

Finally I would recommend an upgrade to MVC3 if possible, it'll make your life easier.

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Thanks Marnix for your valuable response :) –  prakash Dec 22 '11 at 7:00

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